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As a teenager I idolized Jonas Bevacqua. I first learned of LRG in 2000, at the time it was a brand that spoke to my interests. I would camp out with my friends at the LRG sample sales with hundreds of other people in line. He created a brand that spoke to my interests at the time. After starting IMKING I had the chance to meet him a few times. I was given the rare opportunity to come to his home on the day of Michael Jackson’s funeral. I took the chance to pick his brain about the industry and talk to him about IMKING. I left inspired by his words about LRG and how it became a such a huge global brand in what seemed a short time. I will forever remember Jonas for being one of the reasons why I started IMKING ,and why we continue each day to be driven to achieve the same if not greater success that he had. Rest In Paradise

- Andy

Jonas’s most recent interview HERE

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