Raining Ramen

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If there’s a ramen spot in your area, I’m there. I ventured into the Hacienda Heights area and had to stop by Foo Foo Tei. It is the most reviewed spot on Yelp in that area. The location looks like a residential area that I had a little trouble finding. Our buddy Kahlen lives in that area and came out to catch some lunch with us. Not everything I order is great and I failed this time. Everything else that everyone ordered was pretty legit. This place has a huge menu with tons of different ramen’s and other food to choose from. I probably eat ramen more than my buddies from Japan.

Foo Foo Tei

15018 Clark Avenue Hacienda Heights, CA

New intern Monica and Streetwear Bear Alex. He hates to be called that, so when you see him call him that.

Oh my goodness… which one do I pick?

Being rude and texting while the waitress takes our order.. Sorry.

Fried Chicken miso ramen. This was some good stuff. I told Kahlen to get this, when I should’ve ordered it for myself.

I made a bad choice with the Nanchatte Tonkotsu ramen. It tasted too much like coconut and hairs on my pork. Disgusting.

Monica pretty much orders her food for show. She never really eats or finishes her food.

Alex hasn’t been eating meat which is depressing me. He’s got some egg tofu curry something something not appealing.

This place does get really packed so while your waiting you can enjoy some Manga.

I was not satisfied, so I made sure to grab some donuts on the way back to the office.

It was the blueberry glazed donuts to be exact. These things are amazing I tell you.


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