Shoplight: Jugrnaut

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IMKING: How did you get the store name Jugarnaut?
We had a brainstorming session, we wanted something that was huge and unstoppable–what ended up coming to mind was Juggernaut, similar to the X Men character, you know when he gets going, he can’t be stopped.

IMKING: Have you had anyone special come into your store?
Yeah, we have had many people stop by the store. From hip hop legends to up and coming artists. We even had the winner of America’s Next Top Model come through and chill (Jaslene). As far as artists, the list is long. Just to name a few: Q Tip, Raekwon, Pete Rock, A+ from Souls of Mischief, Del from Souls, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Chip, Bobbito, Stevie Williams, DJ Sean Mac, DJ Z Trip , and lots of local up and coming Chicago Talent.

IMKING: What makes Chicago better than any other place in the world?
Jugrnaut: Man, this can be a book. Summers in the Chi are the sh*t, incomparable in my opinion. For those that don’t know, Chicago is the city of neighborhoods, so it’s diverse and always something happening, lots of different scenes out here. If you like food, like me, lots of dope spots for food. If you feel like Italian,  just head over to little Italy–feel like Greek food, then head over to Greek town–and so forth.

IMKING: What kind of music do you guys listen to?
We listen to everything, me personally, I’m into all sorts of music because I dj. Right now, rocking that Kanye album hard, along with Drake, Jigga, BIG Sean, Wiz, Kid Cudi, Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, Currensy, Mic Terror. I can go on all day.

IMKING: What are places a tourist in Chicago should visit?
Jugrnaut: Damn, thats a hard one because I can’t say that I have been to spots that tourists usually check out, unless it was for a field trip in school. I guess the Willis Tower, museums ,and other things like that. As far as food spots I can tell you about some dope cheap spots. We usually tell tourist to check out Wicker Park cause there’s always something going on over there.

IMKING: Why should people shop at Jugarnaut?
We have all that dope heat! For real, you want some dope shit, some exclusive sh*t, then come on through and check us out.

IMKING: What girls do you like better? Vegas or Chi town?
Man don’t know all women are beautiful–hahaha.

IMKING: What do you like about IMKING?
Jugrnaut: The designs are on point–very dope graphics with some edge and creativity to them, also, the cut and sew are clean!

IMKING: What does IMKING mean to you?
What the name says, you are king, rocking the brand means that you rock what you want cause you are your own king!

IMKING: What do you guys have planned for the next five years?
Man, lots of stuff, working hard on our own brand, more collaborations, more cut and sew. Just growing as a store and as a brand. If things go well, new stores–Cali, New York, Miami, Japan–world-wide. You know they say shoot for the stars, and if you miss, then land on the moon–haha.

IMKING: What kind of outfit would you be seen wearing?
pretty much anything that fits well and is comfortable..

IMKING: What wouldn’t you wear?
A women’s dress or super baggy stuff.

IMKING: Any advice for aspiring store owners?
If you plan on going in to business, don’t get a business degree, get a finance degree, business is all common sense, in my opinion.

IMKING: Biggest trend in Chicago at the moment?

IMKING: Any final words?
Random thought. I have to say that the hardest thing in life is figuring out what you want to do with it, so the faster you realize what it is that you want to do, the more time you can spend chasing your dream and making it a reality.

Troy Went Down

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Sean aka S.P. has been hurt! He is the person who works on  the online orders and  marketing at IMKING. A beast on the basketball court. Unfortunately, He tore his Achilles during a pick up game the other week. We came to the hospital to check up on our dude. We all hope you guys send him get well wishes.

The guys at Attic are lucky SP is out for awhile. We’re still waiting to play you!

The Warrior’s Way

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Being a huge fanatic of the competitive nature in sports, I’ve always found it uplifting to witness the struggle and hard work of athletes that is put in to over come all obstacles. Charlie Bell who is a professional basketball player, began his journey at Flint Southwestern Academy, where he played ball in high school. Soon after Charlie committed to Michigan State University, where he appeared in three NCAA Final Fours and was also named Michigan State defensive player of the year for four consecutive years, summing up an excellent college career. Charlie was undrafted but, later signed by the Phoenix Suns and bounced around the NBA until he decided to take his talents overseas, where he quickly emerged as a superstar. He was considered to be a local hero and legend while playing overseas but after elevating his game he is now back in the NBA playing for the Golden State Warriors living his Dream.

- Matagi

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