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Ryan and I Headed out to Inglewood CA at Century Park Elementary, for an event we had sponsored with Ron Artest. Its always great to help out a community that is striving to create a better future for their children but, sadly are over looked due to budget cuts. Being able to witness and team up with one of NBA’s top athletes, is truly a humbling yet, inspiring experience. At the end of the day it’s not about the millions of dollars you make but, the impact you have created.

Pledge of allegiance, something I haven’t recited in years but, surprisingly I remembered it word for word and saying it with pride because, I am proud to be an American my fellow citizens.

Remember kids, STAY IN SCHOOL and get an EDUCATION!

To help welcome Ron Artest the kids have decorated the school with their very own Laker posters

While the crowd patiently waited in the sun for the arrival of Ron Artest, the school’s dance team kept everyone entertained with their dance performance…ABDC watch out!

Carlton from fresh prince was in the house! Will was right, he really is short in person.

I wonder who this my might be?

Recognize the car anyone? If not, this was the Hyundai…yes I said it, “Hyundai” that was presented to Ron Artest on the George Lopez Show as a gift.

This young lady asked Ron,”excuse me Ron but, that lady you came with…is she your girlfriend?

Ron’s response after he laughed at the question,”no, she is just my assistant who helps me keep things in order”…by the expression on this young lady’s face, I think she got the response she was looking for. 

Free goodies for the kids

The students loving IMKING and couldn’t wait to rock it!

Ron’s presence left the young girl speechless

Big thanks to Lisa for help putting this successful event together!


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