SXSW Part One

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The first day of SXSW  began for us on Thursday. We were still trying to adjust to the two hour time difference and the heat that was about to spew on us. Starting daylight it’s already tough to find parking on the streets. The main areas for the event were packed with people already drinking away and ready to check out some epic performances. With it being the week of St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness things were just insane. Welcome to Texas.

Thanks to SP for handling the bulk of the picture taking during our trip.

People people everywhere!

We ran into our good friend and talented singer Miguel.

Long time supporter of IMKING and newest Maybach Music Group signee Pill.

Adam(Flud Watches) was scared of death.

Some amazing art done with colored chalk.

Chamillionaire blocking the sun in those IMKING shades.

Lots of drunk sloppy women roaming the streets of Austin.

Hi Power! Kendrick Lamar tearing it up on the stage. MICHAEL JORDAN!

We’ve spent a ton of time with Mel(Flud Watches) from this trip. I will never get use to hearing him snore. It’s chaotic.

I ran into Yelawolf in the streets. Excited to hear his music with Shady Records.

Can’t forget to mention the tons of crazy people in the streets. Austin is awesome.

Making our mark in Texas. IMKING.

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