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Prayers Go Out To You

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I don’t even know where to begin with this… Last Friday, March 11, Japan got hit with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northeastern Japan. The quake triggered a 23-foot tsunami that battered Japan’s coast, killing hundreds and sweeping away cars, homes, buildings, and boats. As much as it impacted them, it affected the whole world as well. Everyone here is trying there best with donations, doing as much as they can to help out. Most of us here have already donated to the Red Cross, along with the other organizations. This is such a huge impact for us because without Japan, there wouldn’t be street-wear culture. When it comes to fashion trends, Japan’s always the first. Even with technology, they’re like four years ahead of us. Here’s one of the stories I found about one of the Apple stores in Japan. Thank you, Facebook, Twitter, and emails, I guess there was a good reason for you after all.

Kevin Rose: Apple’s Role in Japan During the Tokohu Earthquake

“Full disclosure:  I work at Apple as a manager at one of its stores in Japan.  The earthquake hit while I was working on the first floor of one of their stores.  As the entire building swayed, the staff calmly led people from the top 5 floors down to the first floor, and under the ridiculously strong wooden tables that hold up the display computers.7 hours and 118 aftershocks later, the store was still open.  Why? Because with the phone and train lines down, taxis stopped, and millions of people stuck in the Tokyo shopping district scared, with no access to television, hundreds of people were swarming into Apple stores to watch the news on USTREAM and contact their families via Twitter, Facebook, and email.  The young did it on their mobile devices, while the old clustered around the macs. There were even some Android users there. (There are almost no free wifi spots in Japan besides Apple stores, so even Android users often come to the stores.)”

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You are not alone.

-Tron-mas from The Grid

Madsoulz X IMKING Skate Contest

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IMKING teamed up with our good friends at Madsoulz Skate Shop to host a skate competition this Saturday, March 19th. The event is in celebration of the opening of Harvey, Louisiana’s newest skate park “The Compound”. If you’re in the area be sure to tell all your friends, go skate and have fun!


The Compound

721 Grefer ave

Harvey, LA, 70058

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