We <3 Japan

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We have teamed up with the American Red Cross for a special sticker to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. It’s our family logo along with Red Cross’s logo. The sticker dimension is 8 x 3 1/2, a little bigger than the normal bumper sticker. It’ll cost $5 + free shipping and all proceeds will go to Red Cross to help Japan.

The sticker will be sold on our Online Store so please donate as much as you want! You are not alone, Japan!

(will only work with sticker)


Tommy Short 101

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Spring is here! But it sure doesn’t feel like it. Well, to get you ready for it, we have here our Tommy Shorts from our Spring collection presented in three different looks. You have your stock look; the grunge look; and deck look. The stock look above, requires no cutting nor folding, it’s pretty straight forward. It’s your slim jean short with a nice acid wash to match your Zack Morris outfit or any attire, for that matter.

D.I.Y. Cutting shorts. From actual cycling spandex, to fixed gear cutting shorts. The grunge look isn’t just for biking, it’s for everybody, it’s for those who don’t like the regular shorts, or just want a different pair of shorts. And of course, these cut-offs look better with your sneakers, if I say so myself. A.C. Slater would approve, most definitely.

Last, but not least. The Deck look, nautical attire, casual, boat shoes, the usual business. A simple cuff is all you really need, and a nice pair of boat shoes–Sebagos, Sperrys, and even barefoot.

Let’s not be late with the trend, you don’t want to end up like Screech. X Smiley Face.


SXSW Part Food

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You already know if I’m traveling somewhere I’m on the hunt for the best food possible. Being that we were in Texas I wanted to make sure I had the best BBQ in the south. The first place I actually ate at was a fail and I was losing hope for Texas bbq. I was then told to drive out about 30 minutes to experience BBQ that would blow my mind. Salt Lick BBQ pretty much makes crack meat. Drooling just thinking about it.

Salt Lick BBQ

18300 Farm to Market Road 1826
TX 78619

We went to Iron Works BBQ on our 2nd day which looked promising.

To be heard at SXSW people would perform anywhere at anytime. That girl in front is getting a kick out of it.

SP ordered the beef ribs and honestly it was just okay.

I went with the sampler platter to be able to try it all. I was not impressed. This is Texas! All BBQ should be amazing! I’m just sayin’.

Now onto the Salt Lick BBQ. When it’s this crowded you know their doing something right.

Alex broke his lent by eating meat.

This place was all you can eat! The food was beyond quality!

The brisket was the really tender and juicy. The pork ribs slid right off the bone. The sausage flavor was bursting. Crack meat!

SP couldn’t stop eating. He was dying afterwards. The great thing about this place is after they refill your meat, they would pack up the piles of meat togo for you.

Trust me on how good this place is.

Our last place to eat on the trip was Cracker Barrel.

It was pretty much the maximum amount of food for the minimum price.

King me! And we out! See you next year Austin, TX!

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