Murs For King

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MURS and IMKING project coming soon

Maloof High Ollie Contest

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Words by: David

A week ago Liberty Board Shop hosted a high ollie contest put on by the Maloof Brothers. Winner gets a trip to Las Vegas where they’ll compete with 15 other skaters at the Palms Casino for a grand prize of $10,000!

This particular day happened to be the only one out of the week to be raining! Instead of having the contest in the parking lot of Liberty Board Shop they took it across the street to a pretty narrow hallway at Brea Middle School.

Check out Maloof Money Cup for more coverage on the contest and other events in the future.

Our team rider Adrian MacElhaney has probably one of the biggest ollie’s  in SD

This was the highest the poll reached

Austin Gillette not even trying

Officer “Get out of here before I arrest you” kicking everyone out

Drove back to Huntington Beach to stop by Street Wise Skate Shop and say whats up to Val and the guys

Headed over to Five Guys for a much anticipated lunch

Red And Yellow

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Pho is not the only great food that the Vietnamese people create. There are other stand out dishes that are a must try. One of my favorite things to eat is Banh Beo, which is a rice cake dish. The other popular item would be the Nem Nuong spring rolls, which are made of a special pork. As you guys can see I’m always up for eating and took the guys to the area full of Vietnamese people. Chris is probably upset that he didn’t go today. He basically ONLY eats Vietnamese food.

Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa

9738 Westminster Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92844

It’s usually good when you can’t pronounce it.

These pork spring rolls are crack. Everytime I take my friends they love it.

I grew up eating these and will forever love them. I <3 Banh Beo.

I went for the fried version and they weren’t as good as the original.

I then tried the egg yolk version and these were even worst!.

Ryan is a foodie in training.

For a little guy Kimo eats like a bear.

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