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We did a write up on our Canadian account “WLKN.” This shop is making some big moves in the north. We wanted to make sure for those traveling to Canada to stop in and say hello.

IMKING. What does “WLKN” mean?

WLKN:Walk-In, the place where you can find exclusive clothing !

IMKING: Why do Canadian’s love Hockey so much?

WLKN:because we got 8 months of snow per year – it’s not a choice hahahahhah

IMKING: Why did you decide to open up a store in Quebec?

WLKN: It’s a small city so when people knows where you come from and what you’ve done, there’s move chances that they show love to your project. I was born and raised out here, that’s why I decide to open it where I grew up.

IMKING: What do you like about IMKING?

WLKN: It’s a clothing line that nobody carry’s in Quebec City (and at Boutique W – WLKN, exclusives are a must) and to be honest the whole line is original, you always come with new designs.

IMKING: What is poutine?

WLKN: hahahaha, poutine is mix of french fries, cheese and bbq sauce, it’s an obligation when you come in town, everybody needs to taste it at least one is their life. Call me, I’ll UPS you one!

IMKING: How cold does it get in your area?

WLKN: Approximatly between -25 celcius in winter and 28 celsius in summer. Alaska versus South Beach.

IMKING:  How do Canadian women compare to American women?

WLKN: They say the ”bigger the better” right? You can’t use this expression out here, unless if it’s the woman using it hahaha

IMKING: The better ones are out here, the most beautiful girl are up north, everybody knows that.

WLKN: Matter of fact, you need to come by on february 26th @ the Grand Opening Party of the Boutique, and then you will see….might have to stay in for a few extra days!!! aha

IMKING: Which Canadian would you rather be? Drake or Justin Bieber?

WLKN: Drake, of course.

IMKING:  What makes WLKN different from shops in the area?

WLKN: The most of our brands are exclusives in our area, So @ Boutique W – WLKN you can find the pieces that no one have. Each day we try to find new clothing lines in the world to give our customers new products. We make it happen out here, with new kind of ads, great IDEAS, events and promos. We give a chance to the brands from our city also, we try to carry as much as we can, we support local brands, we work with a lot of them.
IMKING: What do you recommend for tourists when they come to your city?

WLKN: Our Womens, hahahah… kidding, depend how old you are. The ” Grand- Allée” is the street where all the big clubs are. The old Quebec city (400years) is an attractive place also, -you can’t come to Quebec without stopping by the new shop ; Boutique W - WLKN ;)

IMKING: Any last words?

WLKN: Next time you coming by Quebec city, past by our store W – WLKN, i’ll show you the city, the woman’s and the poutine! You have 4 good reason to come visit us!!

To all the team @ I’m King, keep pushin and keep creatin, the city is loving it !!!



Oink Oink

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When you get a Pastrami sandwich you’ve got to really understand the meat. The way it’s cut, how salty it is, the way it tastes, and how flaming hot it comes out. If it’s thinly cut, bearable saltiness, a smokey flavor, with steam piping from the meat then you’re about to experience something amazing. The Oinkster has a lot of history and a lot of flavor. This is my 2nd favorite pastrami sandwich I’ve experienced. Langer’s still holds the crown.

The Oinkster

2005 Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

While waiting a sprinkles carrot cake will do the trick.

Watching them enjoy their food is making me uneasy.

Garlic aoili and ketchup mixed together is one of my favorite sauces.

The Oinkster mustard and the hot spicy mustard.

We have arrived to the main attraction. The pastrami sandwich with the Belgian fries.

If you happen to be in Eagle Rock and picking up some IMKING at Backside Clothing. Make sure to stop by The Oinkster.

They don’t serve this Mochi at the Oinkster, but I did grab some of these goodies in Little Tokyo.

S.L.A.T.E. Part II

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Being here at this show is a blessing. Many people that I’ve looked up to, I would’ve never thought of meeting them and eventually working with some. Besides all the hoopla, work, and partying going on here some of the people we’ve met here have become life long friends.

We caught Freeway roaming around the show, who I must say killed it later that night at the Karmaloop party .

F – A – B – O – L – O – U – S in the I-M-K-I-N-G booth.

Our favorite Las Vegas residents, Mr. and Mrs. Ces’t la Vi came by to look at the progression of our line as they have been supporters since day one.

Busy busy busy!

Desean Jackson of the Eagles wearing the IMKING sunglasses. Oh and Matagi’s in the picture too.

The Maloof’s have brought a street skating course to S.L.A.T.E. Very cool.

P. Rod

One of our very good friends Shawn Chrystopher showed up to say hi. Definitely a big congrats to him and all his success.

Chris doing what he does best and giving some of our buyers a preview of our Fall 2011 line.

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