The Met

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the biggest museum I’ve ever been to. If you really wanted to look at everything this place will take more than a day to complete. Alex and I were only able to spend a few hours here and we got to see a ton. From Mummy tombs , sculptures, photography, weapons, knights, and more. A wonderful experience to see ancient history right in front of our eyes. Here’s a tip for tourists. You are able to donate a dollar to just go and attend this. I didn’t know and paid a lot more. Don’t feel bad for donating so little because our tax dollars already go to keeping this exhibit up and running.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 5th Avenue, New York

Super Snow Storm

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Being from California you don’t really experience snow storms. Fortunately we were stuck in one and couldn’t make it to Boston. We made the best of it having to stay in NYC and hang out with some of our good friends in the East Coast. Here’s more footage of our trip to New York.

Trying to stalk Kim Kardashian failed. She wasn’t there.

I have never seen Eric(Antenna Magazine) without his suit and without his hair done.

I respect Erik(Rocksmith Tokyo) and what he’s done with the brand. WuTang forever!

You can’t get your car key’d by being on top!

Mel(Flud Watches) is the coolest guy you will ever meet. He a die hard Lakers fan from New York and wears Croc shoes. Flud Watches x IMKING II coming soon..

One thing you will notice is that New York is very diverse.

Alex, Scotty, and Smiley(XXL magazine) are all smiles. Who do you think made it on the 2011 freshman cover list?

Here comes the snow..

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