No Parking

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So this post was supposed to be  pictures of a private KISSES show that my buddy Chris from 722 Figueroa invited me to, but for some reason, that night i could night find parking for the life of me…. After Driving from my house in Orange County, all the way up the freeway to Downtown LA I failed, MAJOR FAIL. I drove in circles for 20 minutes, just frustrating myself, more and more by the minute. I then took it upon myself to drive just a bit further and take another route up another street to see if I could maybe find another place to park, but, i failed yet again ending my night here……….. Skid Row.

At that particular moment, i wasn’t thinking clearly and was unable to snap a real photo, but i wanted to make sure that everyone who in unfamiliar with what or where  Skid Row is gets a feel of it. Chris, if you are reading this, I apologize for not making the show, and another thank you for introducing me to the band and its great music.

Road Block

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Along the way you may encounter some road blocks, but there’s always a way around it, over it, and even right through it. A road block should not stop you from getting to your goal. Things often happened unexpectedly, your perseverance is what will get you to that next level. If you truly love something you’ll fight for it.

No Introduction

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Tyga’s been stepping up his game as of late. His music has gotten a lot better since he signed onto Young Money. With the help of Lil Wayne, Tyga should be doing just as well as Drake and Nicki Minaj. A supporter of the brand Tyga is in our classic “Hood Hop” button up.

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