New York State Of Grind

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They say if you can make it in New York,  you can make it anywhere. A fast paced city with something always happening. We happen to come to New York at one of it’s craziest snow seasons. Our first day here was freezing cold. I think it was at 11 degrees. Not something that I can get use to, but besides that we’re glad to be on the east coast. I <3 N Y.

Didn’t expect to see snow out here. From 75 degree weather in CA to 15 degrees in NY.

You know you’re in New York when you see this many cabs.

This is the way to travel in NY. Owning a car is not NEEDED.

We did a decent job of preparing for the cold.

Jackie Chan’s doppelganger?

The famous TIMES SQUARE area in New York City.

Great marketing from Forever 21. Catch yourself on the jumbo tron.

I can’t even explain how cold it was. Imagine standing inside of a freezer.

I had to pick up some exclusive New York toys for my collection while I was out here.

I wanna see Spiderman on Broadway. Not because it’s a great story, but because a lot of people have been getting injured playing Spidey.

The NYPD got it like that out here.

Tourist photo take #1

Tourist photo take #2..

More coverage of New York throughout the week.

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