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Our newest family member, Kevin, invited us out to join the other third of his busy life. For those of you that haven’t been acquainted with him yet, he’s a non-stop working machine fueled by energy drinks for days. I would be too if I had to work for three different companies at once. ( ELM co. IMKING ILLEST) As a big car Junkie, I was super excited to head over to the soft opening of the Illest store the other night for some nice cars and good vibes. If you aren’t familiar with them, you should definitely make sure and head over to Fatlace to familiarize yourself.

Some of the loudest Ruckus’ i have ever heard. The suspension alone on these things would probably cost you your first born child.

If you are into Cafe Racers, this beautiful Honda cb160 was on display right next to the cash wrap.

There is such an incredible demand for the illest stickers that it blows my mind.

Chubby Boobs

Mr. Ben Baller and the man of the hour Mark Arcenal

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien performed along with Bukue One and a special guest freestyle session with Fashawn.

The Dogzilla Crew

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