Extravaganza Tomorrow

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What The Elf

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Merry Xmas! Elf yourself makes me laugh every single year. IMKING hopes you all have a happy holiday with your friends and family. Make sure to end the year with a bang! Begin your resolution now!

Toy Story

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Written and photos by. Alex

Here at IM KING we are strong believers that toys are something people will never grow tired of. Whether you’re picking up a limited Edition Be@rbrick or stopping by your local comic book store to buy a  G.I Joe action figure, toys have this odd power of being able to put you in this nostalgic mood. Christmas is a few days away and what’s better to talk about than TOYS!

First we have Map in at 8th place with his RC Car.

Next we have Myself in 7th place, I’m not that into toys but i really love electronics and music.

In 6th we have Thomas, I think he’s more into cups than toys?

In 5th place we have Chris, his collection was built from abandoned toys from the last 2 offices we moved out of. He definitely came up on the Gorillaz set.

In 4th we have Sean with his amazing Futurama toys.

Coming in at 3rd we have Kimo. Surprisingly he was the person who actually started with all his toys at the office, but was quickly de-throwned by Tampon and Andy.

Here comes Tampon in 2nd place with a wide range of different action figures, stuffed animals and masks.

Finally in the ULTIMATE 1st Place we have Andy with the biggest collection of Disney Vinylmation, light sabers, action figures and lots of other random pieces. I cant even begin to explain in words what he has going on in his office so ill let you see for yourself. If you work at Disneyland let Andy know!

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