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I heard the guys in the office talking about Johnny Cupcakes speaking locally and I wanted to come¬† hear him tell his story. His inspiring story and how he’s built his brand is phenomenal. I have always looked up to what he’s done and what he continues to do. Though our brands are different and we operate differently, It’s still inspiring to see his tremendous following. With three stores(and soon to be London store) and his online business, Johnny has catapulted into a multimillion dollar company without distribution. Johnny has a huge cult following and his t-shirts have people camping out for weeks. He is an empowering person that I look up to in this business. It may not work for everyone, but he did it his way and he’s happy.

Love what you do and it won’t be work at all.

These two tried to sneak up stairs to wait for good seats. They got caught.

This is Ryan’s only friend at Cal State Fullerton.

The line indoors led to..

the crazy ant line outdoors. Cupcake madness.

After everyone was seated the house was packed. With people sitting on the steps.

His connection to the people will amaze you.

Johnny also hid special gifts behind everybody’s seat. I got a button, a saved by the bell “Kelly” card, and a mint.

Fit Guide 105: Layer lovers

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Scotty who is a huge fan of layers, being that he lives in N.Y. His choices are a great outfit for a going out and will get some rubber neckers taking three or four looks at what he put together.

This outfit works well for so many different occasions.

The signature IMKING look wearing a beanie pulled back and put together with the IMKING x N4E1 glasses. *Beanie from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

IMKING button up with the cardigan to tone the checkers down. Cardigan from H&M.

Work really hard and save up for a Chanel J12 watch.

Shade of gray denim from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Blacked out Vans. Good ol’ Authentic Vans that will make your outfit look that much cleaner.

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