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I had a chance to eat with my good friends from the east. Doug(Flud Watches) and Dani(Karmaloop). Doug is a huge foodie like myself and is always down for good food. We have arguments of which coasts have better food. New York has it’s ups in food but so do we on the west coast. I read on some site that Comme Ca had the best burger in L.A. When I read some statement that bold it’s a must try for me. I’ll decide which burger is the best! Let’s see if Comme Ca came out a winner.

Let’s put this place to the test!

Let Doug know that L.A. has better burgers!

I ordered a side of these spicy sausages. Good stuff.

This egg cost me five bucks! Just so I could throw onto my burger.

These fries were probably my favorite of the lunch.

The Comme Ca burger is good but not better than Father’s Office. You heard it from me! Judge for yourself.

Doug got the french toast and it looked like his jaw dropped.

Anyways…. Comme Ca does not win for the best burger in L.A. Please email me and tell me what the best burger in L.A. is.

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