Rick Ross says Wingstop!

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If he says this is the spot, then I’ve got to be here. This is my favorite wing spot. If you know a better wing spot, makes sure to email me! WINGSTOP!



I can’t stop thinking about the lemon pepper wings. Oh my goodness. Mr. Ross fiend’s these as well.

Amazingly decorated tables.

Matagi refuses to eat chicken on a bone. He had to go with the strips. He didn’t like his garlic parmesan.

Whenever I eat ketchup(which is rarely) I have to mix it with lots of pepper.

They are the wing experts! Lemon pepper wings are the greatest here!

These fries with the hot cheddar cheese burned the life out of my tongue. They also put me in a food coma. I can barely stay awake typing this up.

These two both fail. They chose the wrong flavor. Shoulda listened to me! The yelper of the week in OC!

Rick Ross agrees with Wingstop!

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