Chicken & Love Letter Pizza.

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This is a really interesting restaurant name. “Chicken & Love Letter Pizza.” The big fried chicken craze with the Koreans and bugogoi pizza is hitting hard in my area. The Koreans have taken fried chicken to another level with the double deep frying of the chicken. The pizza this restaurant created has sweet potato inside of the crust. This is just new level eating at it’s finest. Taking the ordinary items we eat everyday and adding their own twist.

Chicken and Pizza Love Letter

2600 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606-5041
(949) 852-2900

This is located inside the H-mart supermarket.

Tampon starving orders sashimi from the market and eats first without us.

Korean double deep fried chicken.

Thousand island all over this cole slaw.

Radish goes great with chicken.

Sweet potato pizza. The sweet potato oozes out of the crust. Tastes too much like a dessert pizza to me.

Matagi usually refuses to eat chicken on a bone. He tried today and regretted it afterwards.

A couple doors down is my favorite bakery 85 degrees.

Those a**hole employees wouldn’t let me take photos of the process. I managed to get one in though.

Chicken and love letter pizza – This gets a score of 3 out of 5 Oscars.

85 degrees – 5 out of 5 Oscars! This gets an award from me!

Karmaloop fantasy football league week 2.

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Our team is doing a great job this week and looks to continue to go hard into week 3! We are still currently in first with Karmaloop trying to creep up. IMKING!!

And here’s something for you guys that aren’t into football. Our girl Brittany should get your heart racing.

Lavar McBride

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Photos and article by. Vince(Mr. Avocado)

When I was younger there was a point when skateboarding was my
main priority (and of course girls came in a close second). I didn’t give
a shit about school, work, bills or anything else and the only stress in
my life was trying to learn a new trick. I’m so grateful for skateboarding
because it’s got me to where I’m at today and one of my biggest influences
was this man right here Lavar McBride.

His style and talent back then raised the bar and helped skateboarding get
to where it’s at now. So if you see this man on the streets make sure you
pay your respects because if you don’t respect him you don’t respect

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