Eating like a King.

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With all the constant work lately; I took Tampon out to a steak dinner. Matagi didn’t want to miss out on steak so he came along for the ride also. The thing about these place is the quality of the food. It is all made at a high level and the service is second to none. It’s not healthy to eat here often, but it’s a must on special occassions. Morton’s should be on your places to eat before you die.


1641 West Sunflower Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704-7441
(714) 444-4834

One of the best franchised steakhouses.

The complimentary onion bread. This stuff is amazing.

These guys are in for a treat. They left with the biggest smiles ever.

The presentation of the different cuts and specials.

Pairing red wine with your steak is a must. Always ask for recommendations on the wine.

I always order garlic mashed potatoes as my side dish.

Gotta pretend we’re kind of eating healthy with the asparagus.

Tampon got his steak rare; it was pretty amazing.

Wine makes everything feel like the photo.

One of the best desserts I’ve ever had; the “Mortons Legendary Sundae.”

Not looking forward to opening this up and seeing the damage.

Foot Clan

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Shoes are a critical part of anyone’s outfit, they can make you have the best day of your life or the worst. Most people with a collection will base their whole outfit on what kicks they feel like wearing that day
while some choose to wear the same pair everyday til the soles come off. Regardless on the type of shoe head you are, as long as it looks good do it. Here’s a couple photos of what people had on at the office the other day…

Written by. Vince “Mr Avocado.”

Vince “Mr. Avocado” – Marketing /Street Team director

Andy “Jubilee” – CEO

Brian “Tampon” – Creative Director

Tui “Big scary Samoan” – Warehouse manager

Sean “SP” – Production Manager

Kimo “The Hulk” – Art Director

Polo “The Unicorn” – President

Thomas “Muffin” – Obese designer

Alex “Streetwear Bear” – Marketing Director

Steven – “Intern/Creeper”

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