New decade, new dynasty.

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X-Large is one of the legendary brands of our time. They held a special event to showcase brands they felt were going to take it into the new decade. We are glad they chose us to bring out IMKING and display our upcoming pieces. Thank you for everyone who came out and tried to buy our pieces. It’ll be in our retailers soon.

Mad respect to these guys.

They’ve got designs for days. Very impressive.

You will get to see the rest of the line very soon.

The king is in the building.

Patrick(X-Large) was being a great host to everyone. Thanks buddy.

Oh I love food trucks!

Served with a smile. I love that.

What the hell is in that crack sauce?

Great event with great people. Support the new dynasty.

Yeah.. I’m going to have to turn these beers. Vegas already took a toll on me.

SLATE recap part deux

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After a night of major partying, food and vitamins are your best bet.

I was just speechless during the interview.  LITERALLY.

You can make a double rainbow with that!

The trillest getting bombarded with people. And yes in that IMKING.

Raising cane’s chicken fingers are the best! Make sure you try it! Andy approved!

This just feels weird with these statues and advertisements all around it. Doesn’t feel right.

After a long week during the show, the guys decide we should stay another night. I’m totally regretting this.

Lots of booty coming soon!

WTF?! Sundays w/ Hungover Tampon

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It sucks being hungover and people messing with you.

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