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Shoplight: Tradition

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Andy: How did you get the store name Tradition?

Andrew: Basically, me and Jason brainstormed and came up with a long list of names. Some were good, some were ok, and some were really bad! We wanted to come up with something that wouldn’t just pigeon hole us as a specific type of store, and something that in the future could work as a brand. Tradition was that name. Our roots are in music, art, sports, and there are traditions behind all of these things. We came up with the modernized version of the crest as our logo because we felt that it symbolized carrying the traditions of the past to the present and to the future.

Andy: What kind of people shop at Tradition?

Andrew:We have a wide variety of people that shop at our stores. Our main customers are High School and College kids, but we also get a lot of celebrity customers, rappers, and pro athletes shopping at our store. Celebrity customers include Wayne Gretsky, Lionel Ritchie, Eddie Money, Lenny Dykestra, Stephen Curry, and more. David Bowie’s current drummer shops with us… He also played drums on Dre’s “California Love.” Speaking of Dre… Former NWA manager Jerry Heller shops at both our Westlake and Ventura stores.

Andy: What do you like about IMKING?

Andrew:I feel that IM KING is taking a different approach to streetwear. Their graphics are colorful and a bit more playful than a lot of brands out there. The Cut and Sew is quality and the price points are great. My favorite piece this season is the Lazyboy V-Neck in black, and I usually sell one to every customer I show it to. Another best seller is Hurricane Jane in grey. I have one left in Ventura at the moment, and we have only had the shipment in for about a week.

Andy: What is there to do or eat in Westlake Village?

Andrew: There are a couple of bars around town if that’s your thing… I usually eat at Bauducco’s, a really good Italian deli in our center. My typical lunch there is a Chicken Parm sandwich with Jalapenos. Lassens is a good little health food spot, and Manny’s is the OG taco spot in town. Tomadachi is my favorite sushi spot in town, and it’s right across the street from us!

Other than that, there is that much to do in town. That’s why we try to inject the city with some culture with our artshows and in store music events.

Andy: Advice on people who want to open up their own shop?

Andrew: I would just let people know that it is alot harder than you think Just because you like clothes doesn’t mean you should open your own store! I had over 8 years experience in management and buying at Fred Segal before I ventured off on my own… Jason did too.

Aside from that… I would say follow your dreams… Anything is possible.

Andy: The future for Tradition?

Andrew: We are really pushing to expand our own Tradition line. The last few months we released a ton of new products including New Eras, A few t-shirt collections, sweat shorts, tank tops, Beer Coozies, and more. We also released some dope collabs including one with Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and our friends at Heist & Co.  We are really pushing to drop a new collection of tees every season as well as some cut and sew pieces in the future. Look out for more collab pieces from us as well!

Andy: Trend you’ve been seeing a lot?

Andrew: I see alot of people following trends instead of starting them! Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Andy: Drink of choice?

Andrew: Water! I try to drink as much of it as i can!

Andy:Things about Tradition you would like people to know?

Andrew:Check us out online at and visit us at our location in Westlake or Ventura!

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

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People look at the site and say they always get hungry. I don’t think that’s a bad thing and I feel better writing about good places to eat. Food helps me get through the day and choosing the right places just makes it that much more satisfying. I chose to go eat at OC’s current number one restaurant. Chicken Maison in Santa Ana not only makes great food but has amazing service. We also stopped by Hans Homemade Ice Cream because Kimo always wants dessert after lunch. Your killing our diet man!

Chicken Maison

3332 South Bristol Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704-8201
(714) 434-0244

Hans Homemade Ice Cream

3640 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 979-8815
Yelp makes eating more fun.
Polo has his younger brother at the office for the summer.
Complimentary Pita.
My favorite is the garlic sauce.
Juicy juicy chicken.
I rarely see Alex eat, but when I do I like to make sure it’s photograhed. He hates it.
Chicken was handled.
Just because your metabolism is better Kimo doesn’t mean you have to drag us with you!
Everything is homemade. I tend to appreciate this a lot more.
You can never go wrong with mint chip.
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