It’s so hard to say goodbye.

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It’s Freddy’s turn to go back to Germany. Don’t worry ladies he’ll be back in October for a long period of time. The aura of the IMKING headquarters is going to be different without him around and we will miss his presence here during the summer/fall.  Freddy will also be posting from Germany of his crazy adventures while away from work. He’s done so much for IMKING and tons of tricks up his sleeve to come. Enjoy your vacation German.

Damn Matagi is about to cry!

Just leave already Freddy, the guys can’t handle much of this anymore!

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While he’s in Germany we’ll get videos like this of him doing ridiculous things like above.

WTF?! Sundays w/ Pretty boy swag

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Kevin doin his pretty boy swag going away dance. Alcohol makes you do funny things.

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