Satellite Shop

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Streetwear Bear has been working extremely hard on getting the satellite shop at Humidor out in Upland. For those not able to come out here to check it out I got some photos of the place for you. I need to come back with a different lens to take full shots of the shop. For now enjoy these and make your way out to check out the store. Huge thanks to Holden and Lorilee holding IMKING down in the I.E.

IMKING Satellite Shop @ Humidor
172 N 2nd Ave
Upland, CA 91786

Evolve and revolve

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Ever since I got back from Japan I think I love Japanese food even more than I did before. I can’t say the same for Chris. I think he’s terrified and detoxing from it. I am now also able to eat more raw fish. I use to be afraid of even trying it. Tampon, Streetwear Bear, and I opted to go out for revolving sushi for this afternoon. The revolving sushi is something you’ve just got to try in your life because of how unique it is. I’ve been to a few other revolving spots but none as good as this one in Santa Ana.  The only thing I dislike about revolving sushi is you tend to overspend and eat the stuff you would never wanna order.

Kaisen Kaiten

3855 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704

(714) 444-2161

Sushi is always a good choice IMO.

I always look to see what’s coming. Neck breaking food.

Your sushi is priced by the color of the dish.

Spicy tuna hand rolls.

The highlight item has to be the soft shell crab hand rolls.

Oysters. I just can’t seem to get myself to try this.

Toro sashimi. This piece of tuna is like butter. Melts away in your mouth.

Hungry hungry hippos!

Who knows what this is? I don’t.  Just ordered it for the hell of it.

These were just Tampon’s dishes. Yes we over ate and our bill was ridiculous.

IMKING summer 2010 lookbook.

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The IMKING summer 2010 lookbook is finally here and summer 2010 is now available at our retailers. Check out products page here to see the LOOKBOOK.

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