Bye bye Bugsy

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For the past few months we’ve had an intern working with us. He wasn’t just any intern, he was out here from Oklahoma. Kevin was one of the active members on the Hypebeast forums IMKING thread and would message up Chris all the time about an internship. Chris relayed the message over to me and he’s been a great member to the team. During his time here he’s gained a lot of knowledge about the business, got his facebook tagged up by the team, the guys making fun of OKC losing to the Lakers, and joined a new family. It sucks that you have to go back to super humid OKC while we enjoy this Cali weather. We’ll see you next summer buddy. Thanks you for becoming apart of the IMKING family.

His last day in California, he is sad but excited for his mom’s cooking back home.

Time to celebrate with some beer pong.

Kevin you are losing it for the team!!

Muffin announcing to the world that he’s a champ. Please just shut up already!

Muffin and Tui went undefeated and won seven straight. I want a rematch!

We also got Kevin really drunk and made him sing for us.

Tampon made sure we were getting footage of the foolishness going on.

They were singing “Endless Love” to each other.. major fail.

Sad to see you go Kevin. Make sure you log out of your facebook.

WTF?! Sundays W/ olympic rejects

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Stupid ideas gone wrong.

Big K.R.I.T. is the truth.

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Big K.R.I.T. is the newly signed Def Jam artist from Mississippi. His most recent project “Krit wuz here” has been getting amazing reviews. Big K.R.I.T. also produced the entire project himself. You can hear his influences come from UGK and 8ball & MJG. It looks like he’s here to carry on the sound of the south. Check him out in the IMKING “Por Vida” t-shirt below and download “Krit wuz here.”

- Krit Wuz Here mixtape is a CLASSIC!

Download Link: Big K.R.I.T. – Krit wuz here

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