A look into the future.

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12 megapixel camera phones, toilets that do more than just flush, hotel keys that hold the power to electricity in your room, vending machines to order your food. This is why Japan is a step ahead of us. They are open to trying out new ideas and they don’t have the regulations we have back home. Instead of seeing things as concept items we see them come to life out here. In the stores they have tons of gadgets I couldn’t even have dreamed up myself. We need to catch up.

Vending machines galore. You need a Japanese ID though to buy cigarettes.

Taking sneaky photos at the Bape store before getting yelled at.

Must remove shoes before entering the dressing rooms.

IMKING is sold in Japan! Check out some stuff at Soul Style in Shibuya.

The people hanging out in the streets is normal.

Had to get a photo of the school girls outfit.

Chris wanted to get himself a Japanese Kimono.

3D tv is the only way to go.

12 megapixel camera phones. What is America on like 3megapixels?

A Yakuza member outside waiting for his boss.

I took Wataru to eat at Pepper Lunch for the first time.

If I lived in Japan for a year, I would be 100 lbs skinnier. That how my jackets now would fit me.

Random person in Japan rocking IMKING. We worldwide!

Comfort food.

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Another word I’ve seen a lot lately is comfort food. I’ve never noticed it before until recently. Tampon suggested we go eat at Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa. They are known to make great dishes with high quality ingredients. Comfort food here at it’s best. This restaurant is located in the the Camp which also has Active Ride Shop. Active carries IMKING of course so if  you do eat at Old Vine stop by and check out for our pieces.

Welcome to the Camp.

I’m excited!

Eating lunch outdoors is great in So Cal.

Tampon recommended I order the Open Faced. That chipotle gravy was on point!

Kimo got the biscuits and gravy and it was some of the best I’ve ever had. Comfort food here is a must!

The pizza omelette is pretty legit. The meatballs inside this thing are handmade.

You better go visit Active after you finish eating or else!

They carry yours truly so why wouldn’t come check it out.

Parking spots that give out good advice? I need to do that at our office.

That’s a point for you Tampon. Great choice on lunch.

Sean Falyon in town!

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