The best food in the WORLD!

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The food I’ve enjoyed the most during my traveling is Japan. They’ve got food for days. This is the country where Iron Chef came from. You can catch 10 ramen spots in one little street. The sushi here is by far the freshest. The quality of the beef here puts my hometown to shame. We ate so much out on this trip that I dedicated a full post to most of the food I got to enjoy in Tokyo.

Ramen with seaweed, pork, and eggs.

Raw beef with wasabi and rice. This thing was amazing.

Beef tongue and Kobe beef.

Fresh assorted sashimi.

Mos burger. You can find these locations everywhere in Tokyo.

Some amazing chew candy and pineapple Mentos.

Mcdonald’s Ebi-burger(Shrimp burger) Chris’s favorite McD’s item of all time.

Pepper Lunch. It’s a MUST eat.

Curry with thin slices of beef.

Cola Vodka.

Chicken Katsu. Also a famous dish in Hawaii.

Green Tea Kit Kat bars. They have soy sauce flavored Kit Kat bars also. That just sounds all bad.

Bento Box.

Bacon potato cup o noodles? Meat King? Curry? Seafood Flavor? I guess these aren’t marketable back home.

I am in a daze of what and how much we ate there. Need to gather my list of places and things to eat the next time I go. Like the poisonous blow fish!

Fashion forward.

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The line that gets thrown a lot in the fashion industry is “fashion forward.” Japan and Europe are always known to be ahead of the curve. The first hour of Japan itself was already inspiring. The way people appreciated fashion and how they put together their outfits was amazing. Back home there are only certain places where you see people really push the envelope on the way they dress. Only few stores back home have clothing I would come into consistently to buy clothing. In Japan, the stores were endless on me wanting to buy stuff. Big ups to Japan for keeping me motivated and inspired to do my best with IMKING.

Not afraid of being unique and standing out.

You can see the classic American influence look with the scarf that adds that flair.

This man has a lot of confidence to pull off wearing a murse.

In Harajuku, dressing like this is NORMAL. It’s like being in Wonderland!

Even the elderly walk with style. Putting together outfits that will look good for decades.

Rain or shine, tons of girls in the streets rock short skirts and dresses.

You automatically thing of Japan when you think of flashy colors in fashion.

Those hats were the HUGE thing in Japan while I was out there. One girl in every group had one on.

The women here are so into fashion that it makes them THAT more attractive.

Chris not complaining about how they dress. Me too.

Japan has love for hip hop and add their twist to how it looks.

They also make simple look good. Seeing how plain it is back home inspires me to show people not to be afraid of being different.

Floral and printed dresses are also seen all over by women.

When its put together with the floral dresses and the hats = a winning combination.

You likely won’t see many people back home wearing things like this.

I see a lot of people here with orange-y hair.

The rest of the city is seen dressing up.

Working IMKING into that Japanese fashion.

Soulja Boy – Cookin Soulja Boy(Mixtape)

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You may not like Soulja Boy but he says some of the funniest things in his songs. If your not able to sit back enjoy some songs and have a good laugh then this is not for you. It’s also put together by our good friends Cookin’ Soul. Check out this project now!

Download Link - Soulja Boy – Cookin’ Soulja Boy(Mixtape)

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