Comic Con recap.

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It’s a huge week for geeks and nerds everywhere! With the release of Starcraft 2 and Comic con just passing it’s been mayhem. Some of the guys attended Comic Con and were mesmerized by what they saw. Comic Con is no longer just a show for fans of comics , anime, and epic films. It’s a celebrity filled convention with people waiting to hear news about new movies and shows coming out in the future. Lara Croft where ya at?

This show gets bigger and better every year.

People and their homemade costumes are awesome.

Word on the street is Michael Bay is going to direct the next live action Ninja Turtles movie!

Sorry Mr. Norton you will not be in the Avengers film.

Ghostbusters remake coming soon with all the old characters! I am hyped!

Mr. Fantasy Factory is in the building. This man is a genius in business.

I’m excited to see this film.

Another fast food joint the east coast doesn’t have. Jack in the box!

Ironman costume.. I need one in my life!

Kimo trying to leave work early and play with his Starcraft 2.

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