Rise and grind

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We have a crew of skateboarders that we’ve been hooking up for a
while and they kill it. None of them are pros yet but these kids deserve
shine like any artist, musician or athlete we support. Here’s a little
clip that the homie Bryan Calla put together. Enjoy!

- Vince “Mr. Avocado”

Varsity Blues.

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Day two of Alex and Matagi’s trip to Idaho was a fun filled day. They helped out at the “Gridiron Dreams” camp. Hundreds of kids came out to learn a few things from the hometown players of the Boise State Broncos. You had NFL players like Gerald Alexander, Kyle Wilson, Daryn Colledge , and Richie Brockwell.  They also got to check out the stadium where the Boise State players play. The grass was just unbelievable. After they finished the evening with more of “The Moment.” Overall these was a great experience for the guys and they hope to come back again. I’ll make sure that I’m there with them next time.

These kids have dreams of becoming Boise State players like their heroes.

Some of these guys knew of Matagi when he played football in HS. That’s how good he was.

Instead of letting your children play on the computer all day, make them go outside and get some conditioning in.

It must feel great to get a motivational speech from one of your favorite players.

Too tired to eat out. Frozen dinners will save us for now. Can’t speak on our health later.

Ohh you know IMKING are the ping pong champs!

I want a bobblehead of myself!

Who else has a blue football field?! This is insane.

If you’ve seen those football movies. They say it really gets that crazy out here.

Matagi is a baby compared to these giant guys.

Idaho? No. Udaho!

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Matagi and Alex flew out to Idaho to help out with a football camp. Little did they know how crazy football is treated out here. They spent the weekend with former Boise state Broncos players that are currently in the NFL. The guys really didn’t expect much from this trip. Even I turned down going to Idaho with them. I guess I missed out. Bummer.

These guys missed their flight and were delayed eight hours later. Great job guys.

Alex has left the bbm game and joined the Iphone 4 team.

We brought along some Power Balance bands. Thanks Ian! Check out their site to see how these work.

Time to sticker bomb Idaho with IMKING and PB stickers.

I expected them to be staying in a shack. They got a pretty nice room.

Went to the mall to meet up the players during the autograph signing. It was crazy! Felt like the Twilight cast was in the building.

These guys are treated like Greek gods in their hometown.

This line was seriously never ending.

Boise State Broncos fans stand up!

They were introduced to this drink called “The Moment.” It had Patron, Chambord , and a mixer. Get CRUNK!

Immediately after they had to go meet up for the charity baseball game.

The moment is starting to kick in. Feeling woozy during the game.

Check back tomorrow for more coverage of Idaho!

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