Land of the Rising Sun

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Finally out and about again. This time my destination lands me in Japan. The land of the rising sun. The reason for this is because when I woke up at 4:30 am this morning there was sunlight out of my window. That typically doesn’t happen until 6:30 back home in California. Chris is accompanying me on this trip out to do business, gather inspiration, and explore the stuff I’ve seen in movies and heard from friends. Growing up this was always at the top of the cities I wanted to see. I am so glad to finally get a chance to check out this face paced, fashion forward, and futuristic technology city of Tokyo. Check out IMKING.COM as we tour Japan.

Glad to be here.

Vending machines are everywhere here! Wouldn’t be Tokyo without it.

This is Chris still awake 14 hours after departing from LAX.

They love their camera phones over here. I hear the photo quality is insane.

Most people in Japan never chill at each others places. It’s way too small so they usually all go out eat and enjoy their beer and soju. There also allowed to smoke inside!

The sushi in Japan really IS that much better.

This is that bottle with the cap that you snap in and the ball drops. One top I lost the cap and ended up not being able to drink it. FAIL by me.

Some restaurants in Japan require you to remove your shoes. They even had a shoe locker here so that your Air Yeezyz or Space Jams wouldn’t get stolen by me.

This name alone wouldn’t not be marketable in the U.S. Oh? Sweat.. yum?

This can be considered normal here. Alice in Wonderland costume today. Sailor Moon costume tomorrow.

Wataru is our tour guide over here for the week.

It’s more than just poop and flush here. What do I do?!

The light comes out at 4:30 am. Hence the name “Land of the Rising Sun.”

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