Culture Shock.

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Actually being in Japan has opened up my eyes to so much. I’ve traveled a good amount this year but none that has inspired me so much as Tokyo has. I have not even got to see the countryside yet but the city is just madness. The individualism of style here stands out so much. Anything goes out here style wise. Everyone is able to express themselves through fashion and the way they put together pieces in insane. The culture itself is so different from what I’m use to back home. The streets packed with people like being at a rave and multiply that to a million! Here are some photos I got from my first morning out.

Chris has been culture shocked!

Must have been one hell of a night for this fellow.

These displays make it easier to order food because of the language barrier. You can just pull them outside and point at what you want to order.

It’s rare that I seen a phone booth back home, but surprisingly there’s quite a few in Japan.

Smoking gives you really big muscles! No wonder I don’t have any.

He was really standing there and sleeping. It was hilarious.

Your outfit rocks. I might try and pull this off back home.

Becomes a very very busy street in the afternoon. We were roaming the streets at 6am.

People love to be photographed over here.

While waiting for work to begin they sit, wait, and enjoy the rising sun.

These guys dress up together and practice pop locking in the streets.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”

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