Barber Shop.

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Tui needed to get a haircut for one of the parties we had coming up and we called in Pretty Tony. Tony has been one of Polo and my friends since middle school. He was one of the silliest dudes I knew back then and would always say the dirtiest things to the ladies. Tony’s now a lot older still says dirty things but now also has a license to cut hair. When your a barber you’ve got to know how to talk, as you’ve seen in the movie “Barber Shop.” This career fits him perfectly and I wanna thank him for being a supporter of IMKING and cutting our hair. He let me post his number on blast so if you need your hair did. Give Pretty Tony a call.

Pretty Tony

(714) 290-6218

When he’s outside of the shop Tony takes this kit with him.

Tui may look happy in the photo but doesn’t like me taking pictures of him.

In high school, I went searching for the 12″ clip. My cousin even made his own 16″ clip with a cardboard as extensions.

Tui bout to post on twitter how good he’s lookin’. The ladies would agree.

Make sure you clean up your mess because I’m not going to do it.

Home of the Lomo Saltado.

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Matagi kept telling me about this Peruvian spot that was near the area. He said we needed to try two of the items which was a potato croquette w/ beef and the lomo saltado. It was my turn to try one of his spots. This place really hit the spot and left me wanting more of that Lomo Saltado. This is tucked away in the O.C. so make sure to try it out. There’s not many Peruvian places so this is a good one to try or El Rocoto in Cerritos.

Casa Inka

8610 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

A look at ancient history replicas.

The guy in the middle is Eric. He hates curry and I’m going to make him eat at Curry House soon. I gotta find him a bad nickname.

This was called the Papas something. It was delicious though.

Addicting spicy sauces. I know my photos are coming out MAD BLURRY. Camera upgrade very soon. 5D I’m coming!

Chicken with pesto rice. The pesto rice was so good. I’d eat that again and your girl. =P

This is the main dish here. The steak is nice and juicy. Peruvian food is good stuff.

IMKING Birthday Party! This FRIDAY!

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21+ and over. Come party and celebrate with us.

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