IMKING “Heartbreak” jacket. With MAGNETS!(Preview)

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Here’s your first look at the IMKING “Heartbreak” jacket. This is a jacket that has magnets to attach the hood to the jacket. If you’ve got a pace maker please consult with your doctor before wearing this jacket. The magnets may be too strong and could cause major damage if your heart can’t handle it. I am not joking. This is one of the most complicated pieces we have had to produce. Not only is it a very technical jacket but it’s a good conversation starter with the ladies. This jacket will be available online and in stores on Monday.

Watch the video. See how the magnets click on at about 20 seconds.

Roll Bounce!

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Happy Birthday to Freddy! This is his 1st birthday in the states and he wanted to do it 70/80s style at the roller rink! When you see these photos remember they are taken from five different cameras. It was a great night and everyone was lookin’ groovy!

The birthday boy! Blast from the past!

The bigger your skates are the bigger your ____ is… size 23 please!

Polo and I doin’ the disco?

Getting beat up on your birthday was never my favorite.

Cameltoe crew.

The German was the best skater of the night.

Tui may be like a bear but skates like a swan..

Eric charming the ladies with his hair.

I got tackled and ate sh*t. My a** and wrist is still in pain. Thanks!

Some argue these fruit cakes are better than ice cream cakes.

Party like it’s 1979!

Marion White – Write History(Mixtape)

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I was put on to Marion White through Derrick(9grand). Marion is a very versatile rapper from the I.E. The production on his tape was really enjoyable and I wanted to share this with everyone.Download his latest mixtape “Write History” below.

Download Link: Marion White – Write History(Mixtape)

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