The journey of enlightment.

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Freddy wanted to see an attraction while we were overseas and I didn’t want to go to Disneyland Hong Kong. We already have that back home in Anaheim and ours is a lot bigger. I was told by my buddy Stephen(N4E1) to go to the Cable Car cabin ride up the mountain to visit the Giant Buddha. Going up on the ride we paid extra to get the crystal cabin which was a clear bottom floor to see the world under my feet. It was a great experience and I got to appreciate things from high above.

On the subway to the Nong Ping adventure.

If you get a chance do take a trip out here.

Freddy bought a bad load of candy and I ate a grip.

The sugar high kinda knocked me out.

It was raining and this cable car was shaking. Pretty intense.

We can see everything from under us! It was pretty awesome.

We are all the way up in the clouds. When we get higher you basically see nothing outside but cloud.

Freddy sitting on the clear glass and was  throwing pennies out of the window.

Who’s going to wanna walk through that? Not me.

Cute freddy… very cute…

I think you would all agree mines is more impressive.

Now is the long walk to the Giant Buddha statue.

It was raining and we had to walk up a thousand steps.

I just stopped walking because my legs were hurting.

This got me thinking of the better things in the world.

Showing his martial arts skills at the temple. He wants to train to be a Shaolin warrior.

They couldn’t build an elevator??? damnit.

Giant incense burners to open communication with the spirit world.

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