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Wow ever since the Kogi trucks came about the Street Food crazy has gone INSANE! Freddy and I attended the L.A. Street Food Fair. The Kogi truck wasn’t at the event, but tons of new trucks were our their. They had over 50 different trucks and all the lines were long. I know we ate way way too much food that afternoon and left the event feeling like crap. It’s okay though because we got to try tons of different foods.

Driving here around 5pm is intense. Look at California’s lovely Palm Trees.

Walking up the hill was not my favorite thing to do. Thighs are burning..

Every single truck was this crowded.

I am not too happy about waiting in line. At least I have a cool looking hat.

These stir fry noodles were GREAT! It was also over an hour wait.

The tacos at the top had carne asada, bacon, and caramelized onions. Delightful!

We went to line up at more trucks.. I’m not even hungry anymore.

They didn’t even have water.. I had to drink Horchata.

We had to rest for a few min before hunting for more spots.

Picked up a pita with some bomb ass fries that I didn’t get photos of.

This churro is no joke. That extra caramel will make my heart stop.

The G.I.L.F. hunter on the loose!

Freddy was so turned on by this that he made me go pick him up a slice of pizza.

I will seriously throw up if I eat this. Oh what the hey..


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