I ain’t no sucker.

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Streetwear Bear – My Thursday Night Mix Vol. 2

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Streetwear Bear creates a mix during after hours in the office. He also does it live with no headphones. This thing will rattle your subs so be prepared for it. Let IMKING blow your mind!

Download Link: Streetwear Bear – My Thursday Night Mix Vol.2

Walk, Work, and Eat.

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The following morning I woke up to an amazing view. Got up real early so that I could learn my way around the city. At first it was confusing but things picked up pretty quickly. We had meetings to attend, fabric shopping, checking out the city, and eating great food. There is simply so much to do in this city. I had to cut out so many photos because we took endless amounts of them. For the ones I did post.. enjoy!

Not a bad view to wake up to. Rise and grind Freddy.

I made too many bad choices from the buffet that morning. Everyday after that was full of Dim Sum on my plates.

We walked so much everyday. I felt like we were carrying weights on our feet to move around.

Can someone please tell me what kind of insect this is?

Incredible statues are placed all over this wonderful city.

It’s so dangerous to walk in the streets here. I make sure to look both ways before I cross at all times.

That big bus looking trolley is called a “Ding Ding.”

Everyone moves quick over here and I’m just trying to keep up.

Damn those pants are part of the Ed Hardy 2012 collection. Get in line douchebags! Kidding!!

Yes Freddy is a head taller than all of the Chinese over here.

Dim Sum is a must eat over here.

Can I get an order of dog please?

We finally reached the area to do fabric shopping. We were there for about four hours that day hunting and getting inspired for our future lines.

It’s inspiring but also wears you down to look through this. This is only one store out of the thousands of shops on the street.

The Hong Kong $10 dollar bill is a lot cooler than our green paper.

If you think this is crowded. It’s not even close. It gets crazier by the minute.

Some people over here have great style and others really stand out like this gentlemen here.

Pepper lunch is huge in Japan but they have a few locations out here. The steak here is legit!

The bottom is currently cooking itself. You just flip it over to cook the top. The paper layer is outside to keep you from burning yourself.

This was a great lunch. I’ll be posting more on Friday.

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