Crunk Ain’t Dead

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You would think after all these years that Lil Jon’s music would be irrelevant. He has proved everyone wrong and is still churning out hits that bump in the club. You can’t be mad at a man that’s gotten guys to grind on you to his music and yelling. Crunk is still alive and going strong.Check him out here in the IM KING denim on the cover of Skinnie magazine.


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IMKING “Short Change” pouches are coming! The first color will be an online exclusive of a red faux-epi leather material. The clip image is part of Oscar’s logo. I use my pouch to carry my ID, credit cards, cash, and business cards. May 1st at IMKING.COM will be the release of the pouch on the IMKING.COM shop.

Woke up too early.

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This red logo(not the IMKING) will take you back onto the subway.

Freddy was on a manhunt for graffiti at 5am.

Our taxi driver had six phones! He put me in my place for sure.

Why aren’t our soda machines as cool back home?

Thanks Freddy… we got kicked out of the mall after this.

In Hong Kong the elevator is referred to as the LIFT.

McCafe is pretty awesome. I have never seen one of these. Yes this is inside of a McDonalds.

More hours of fabric shopping. You won’t be disappointed when you see the pieces we’re designing.

IMKING x knock off Gucci¬† for our summer season. I don’t think your ready for this.

We end up with each with a backpack and bags everyday. The weather is also hot so we walk sweating BALLS.

Oh lookie! These are McWings! They are amazing.. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these to the U.S.?

Overseas the apple pie is still fried. That baked shit back home is wack. Bring back the deep fried stuff.

They say the weekends are 10x more crowded.

It wasn’t really that gute.

People still hang dry there clothes outside the window here.

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