Restaurant Week!!

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It was OC restaurant week in the area and we all know that’s not something IMKING is going to pass up. Kimo told me about this place in Anaheim called K’ya that serves street food from different countries in a restaurant setting. They served things like churros, Jamaican jerk chicken wings, skewers , street tacos, hot dogs and more. This place is near Disneyland, so if you decide to eat near the park try out K’ya. They have an extensive menu and will have you wanting to come back to try the rest.


1221 S Harbor Blvd

Anaheim, CA 92805

(714) 758-0900

We <3 restaurant week!

Freddy is speaking on the German food on the menu not being from Germany.

This menu is serious. I wanted to try something from every country.

The Jamaican jerk chicken was really good. Had a sweet taste to it.

The coconut shrimp tastes like candy!

Everything came in paper tray’s like from the STREETS.

I went with the Filet Mignon Skewers. I made the right choice.

These churros were caramel drizzled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tampon went with the bread pudding which was *whew.*

After eating amazing food… Tampon decides to get INCREDIBLE on all of us.

Nice.. you wasted a perfectly good shirt.

Okay this is getting too weird now.. come back tomorrow…

Welcome to the Dirty South!

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Mr. Avocado finally loaded up the photos from SXSW and we get to show you a recap of what happened in the dirty dirty. Streetwear Bear, Mr. Avocado, and Glenn drove on a 19 hour drive from L.A. to Austin, TX. These three are major characters and were causing a ruckus all the way there. Driving non stop for almost a full day is no joke. I almost drove into the wall the last time I did that. I’m disappointed that we didn’t bring the video camera or the vimeo this time around.Check the recap

Photos courtesy of. Mr. Avocado

Heading out to Austin, TX.

Time to sticker bomb across the road.

This is an interesting license plate.

McDonald’s is a bad way to eat but great road trip food.

Thanks McDonald’s.. you just put Streetwear Bear into hibernation.

Where the cowboys and horses at??

It’s like this all over the streets of Austin. Straight chillin’.

Look we found Evan and Shawn Chrystopher. Evan did some crazy sh*t on this trip.

Mr. Avocado caught up with the homie GLC.

Shawn performing at one of his many showcases.

I want some of this!

This is some awesome looking meats!

Finally got a little time to sit down.

Numonics – Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills(Album)

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Today I am very proud to share with you Numonics first solo project. The project
encompasses the last year of Numonics work with a diverse group of artists. He
wanted to take a second to first thank you for taking a listen and posting
the singles that he’s promoted for this project. Your support is greatly
appreciated and does not go unnoticed. With that said, IMKING presents to you
“Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills”

South Florida producer Numonics has joined forces with IM KING, RubyHornet
and to bring listeners his latest release, Being Cool Doesn’t
Pay the Bills.

Produced entirely by Numonics and blended by Chicago’s DJ RTC (of
RubyHornet & Closed Sessions), the 21-track project finds the
up-and-coming beatsmith enlisting a diverse cast of rising stars and
established heavyweights to pay testament to the hustle that is required
to survive and thrive in today’s music game.

The project contains new and unreleased music from the likes of Donny
Goines, Reks, Shawn Chrystopher, Sene, Shawn Jackson, Co$$, BK Cyph,
RAtheMC, El Prez, J the S, Wrekonize, QuESt, TreaZon, ThreatZ, Dre Biggity,
Saheed, DJulien, Streets Buchanon, Butta Verses, Nero, Lex One and Paul
Lewis (of PaulnotPaul).

Download Link:Numonics – Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills(Album)

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