Best Thing I Ever Ate.

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Well it’s not the Best Thing I Ever Ate personally but it’s up there. I titled it that because of the Food Network Show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and Giada chose WoodSpoon in Los Angeles as one of her spots. The dish she recommended was the Chicken Pot Pie. It was pretty amazing I must say. The chef of WoodSpoon even came out to chat with us and talk to us about her restaurant. That is a rare moment and I left with joy. People that visit our site often ask is IMKING a food site? or I am hungry everytime I come here. It’s just apart of things we enjoy and what I like to share with you guys. Eating is part of an experience we have in this life and we might as well enjoy the better foods instead of the bad tasting ones.

Also if you notice in the right hand corner and see that Mr. Avocado box. Well Mr. Avocado is an amazing cook that works with IMKING and he will be writing about his recipe’s and eating journeys along the way. It’s IMKING or eat sh*t. I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna eat sh*t, so choose the right side!


107 West 9th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 629-1765
L.A. you are SO bright today.
Speed Walking to WoodSpoon before it closes.
Oh you’ve been bookmarked on my YELP for while my friend.
It’s not just water here.. you get “Cinnamon” water.
Morris aka Big Mo’ is Matagi’s brother and Tui’s cousin. He decided to join us on our foodie journey.
The potato croquete sampler was good and that green sauce made it awesome!
Kimo wanted to try something different from us and went with the Brazilian sausage plate.
Opps there goes my blurry shot of the Pork Burger. I am finally upgrading camera’s soon. Oh this burger is AMAZING! Everyone should order this.
The item of the day was the chicken pot pie. It really does stand out among the other foods and I loved it.
These were free on the house.. Thank you!
That was a great lunch. Good stuff
On the freeway heading home Big Mo spotted the Fantasy Factory.  Kimo and Streetwear Bear got to go there and I’ll get pictures soon.

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