Bargain Hunting.

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Have you ever been to the swap meet or china town areas? Growing up I’ve known that you have to bargin in these areas or be prepared to get ripped off. I had to tell Freddy that after the first thing he bought was at what they wanted. Anything they tell you in the streets of Temple Street and Ladies Market is never the price it is. Freddy throughout the week learned how to LOW BALL the salesmen and it worked in his favor. I think we both bought a bunch of junk just to get a good laugh out of bargaining and seeing how angry they got. Street shopping is fun.

Hourly hotel eh? hmmm

This is ladies market. Let the games begin!

Damn Gucci and Burberry on the streets for 20 bucks? Do it Freddy!

Christian might be upset if he saw them selling his clothes out on the street. Fist pumping gear available here.

Hmm I’ve never seen these at Disneyland.

This guy is selling a mini flying helicopter! That is a must buy in my book.

Freddy decides to take a break and go chase girls.

He has mastered the act of bargaining by the end of the trip. Freddy: Are you serious? That’s not even worth two dollars!

Yeah we bought the helicopter.

The guys are going to love this when I bring it back home. Check WTF?! Sundays for the video of us playing with this toy.

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