Heal Eric Flores

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Eric Flores is who you ask? He runs a shop called Backside Clothing in Burbank, CA. He has been a great account to us and unfortunately recently had brain tumor surgery. He is now in debt $300,000 without any government help. If you’ve never done anything nice in your life here’s your chance to help someone out who has put forth a lot for this music/hip hop community. If anything make sure to drop by Backside Clothing and say hello to Eric. Click the picture above to find out more information about healing Eric Flores.

Mateo – Underneath The Sky Ch. 3(Mixtape)

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Guys watch your girl around this man right here. He will sing away your women and get their panties to drop. I have been a fan of his music for awhile and we’ve actually shot him for our lookbook last Fall. He’s an amazing singer and creating great music. Check out his chapter. 3 of “Underneath The Sky.” Oh make sure to listen to my favorite track which is a remake of Drake’s “Forever.” This man killed it on that one!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Mateo – Underneath The Sky Ch.3 (Mixtape)

Oh my how we’ve grown!

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Our friends over at Team Millennia recently moved to their new dance studio. If you remember we have worked with TM for America’s Best Dance Crew. Over time both our companies have grown and I wanted to stop by their event and congratulate them on the success. They have one of the best dance programs around and for you aspiring dancers, you should take their summer intensive program. Keep doing your thing TM!

The Kogi truck also happened to stop by TM’s new studio that evening. Tampon would not leave without getting Kogi because he said “I’m never going to get to eat this again so we are waiting.” We waited over two hours and made sure we ordered everything they had. Not the smartest idea but we figured if we waited this long then we’re trying everything. I also missed my buddies birthday dinner because of this. Thanks Tampon…

Tons of people signing up for the Summer program.

They told us IMKING is their favorite brand. Thanks guys!

Yes I turned the photo. ABDC what?!

Danny who is the head of TM. It is not an easy operation but he seems to do a great job of it.

Great performance. Oh and I’m not the only one who takes blurry photos. Go TAMPON!! WASSSUP BRO!

Waiting in line AND in the rain was depressing.. Over two hours are you serious?!

After we ordered, we had to wait another 20min for our food.. this is ridiculous!

These guys just started their brand and wanted a photo with Tampon. Keep doin’ your thing fellas.

Finally our food has come. That’s just Tampon’s order. That blackjack quesadilla is really really good.

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