The FUN after the Storm.

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The weather earlier this year has been raining a lot more than it has in previous years that I can remember. There are also a lot more natural disasters lately so close to each other. Well the weather is finally starting to heat up and we decided to have a bbq and get some lookbook photos done. We had a lot of visitors come through that day and people I’ve talked to for awhile that I’ve never seen in person. Good afternoon with some korean bbq, burgers, and beer.

Jvo taking care of the cooking.. medium please!

Look at these scavengers all waiting for food.

The homie Anwar came through to be apart of the shoot.

Some of the outfits Freddy put together for the shoot.

You may know Phillip from his brand The Award Tour and writing on Hypebeast

Korean B.B.Q. is always the perfect choice for B.B.Q.’s.

Hmmm Streetwear Bear rockin’ and IMKING t-shirt that you’ve never seen!

Chris Lee the man who runs

I think we took some photos that afternoon too.

EL Prez & Shawn Chrystopher Show on Saturday

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Two spots in ONE day. Eat up!

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I’m sure all of you know by now that we love food and it’s a lot better than having the same old McDonald’s everyday. We like to switch it up with food as much as we do with everything else. It keeps us open minded to things and always nice to try something new even if it sucks. We hit up two spots one is where I’ve been going to since I was a child and the other was a Japanese Bbq spot with a kick ass happy hour menu. It also decided to rain like CRAZY that day from morning till night. It was intense so was the awesome food.

Mi La Cay

14041 Goldenwest St
Westminster, CA 92683

(714) 898-4885


Gyu Kaku Japanese BBq

7862 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 842-8333
Still lookin’ fly with the crappy weather. This is rare rain in CA.
Not a big fan of this. Please go back to Seattle rain.
Been coming here since I was four.
This is sorta like eating ribs. It looks really weird but it tastes so good.
Two different noodles, three different meats, fried shrimp, pork wontons..all in one with SOUP. Three different meats, two different noodles, fried shrimp, pork wontons, and soup.. all in one bowl!
I usually opt for the dry version with oyster sauce and mix it with mustard. There’s nothing else like it.
It began to rain so much harder in the evening.
Pretty much similar to the Korean B.B.Q. all you can eat grills.
Happy Hour sake gives Streetwear Bear that awkward look.
Seaweed and cream cheese is really good.
The garlic noodles are a must order on this menu.
The bacon wrapped asparagus was wonderful. I should have ordered more.
The meats are so good. The scallops not so much.
Tampon’s been here three times in a month.
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