Fleeing the country

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I am getting ready to flee the country. With  this horrible economy, I am ready to pack my bags and jet set to somewhere I can hide.

I am Just KIDDING!

We are getting ready to make a lot of things happen over here at IM KING. It’s time for me to update my passport and take trip out of the country in order to get IM KING where it needs to be. This will be my first time leaving the country since I was seven years old(Besides those occasional spring break trips to Mexico). We will be traveling a whole lot during 2010 and will make sure you guys get the experience from this on the site. I am extremely excited to see the world and get inspired by everything to add to the IM KING arsenal. I will be heading to Canada soon and will be seeing how different things are from home. Next up will be Polo and Freddy heading over to China and working on our 2010 collections over there. Yes we are doing our best to show you another side of IM KING. There’s a lot I want to say, but I will let things speak on the site itself when the time comes. It’s IM KING or DIE!

The old passport. I hear the ones nowadays is Blue. RENEWAL time.

The old passport. I hear the ones nowadays is Blue. RENEWAL time.

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