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Jay Rock Interview

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Beef Stew: Tell us a little bit about Jay Rock for those who don't know?

Jay Rock: Jay Rock is that project baby from the nickerson gardens who decided to
leave the streets alone and jump off in this game.

Beef Stew:How did you get your start with music, who encouraged you to do so?

Jay Rock: I started writing early on. I'd poems about where I live and what I go thru
on a daily basis. I just flipped that into actual rap songs when I was
around 13 or 14. I got serious a few years later. The big homie Dude Dawg
helped me a lot, he use to come find me in the streets and lock me in the
studio. If it wasn't for him I'm not sure where id be.

Beef Stew:Do you remember the first song you ever recorded?

Jay Rock: I really can't remember the first song I ever recorded but I remember the
first song I did when I got with TopDawg Ent, it was called "dangerous"....
lol its weak now but it was crazy back then.


Beef Stew:Who influenced you growing up as a kid, who were you listening to?

Jay Rock: Musically I've always been influenced by oldies. The soul 60's, motown and
all that. As far as raps it was pac, scarface, busta, biggie, the big homies
from my hood called oftb.

Beef Stew:How was it working with Wayne on your first single?

Jay Rock: Wayne is a beast in the studio. He taught me a lot about work ethic. We had
like a 12 hour session and homie didn't sit but one time, and that was to
eat. It was a great experience for me.

Beef Stew:How did you feel when the opportunity approached you, and how did that
come about?

Jay Rock: I ran into wayne backstage at a show out here in la. I approached him and
let him know who I was, we exchanged numbers and he told me to hit him if I
need something. Few months later I had the all my life record, I flew to va
and we got it done. He was a man of his word.


Beef Stew: What do you feel about today's fashion what are you wearing and what
styles are you just not going to mess with?

Jay Rock: I stay with a pair jordans on, 501's, white t's, black t's. You might see me
in a I'm King shirt or jacket, but I ain't messing with those 36 slims y'all
tried to put me in lol. No skinny jeans no bright yellows and lime greens.
I'm not a flashy nigga really. I like to stay fresh in my own way.

Beef Stew: What's your favorite piece from the IMKING collection and why?

Jay Rock: I like that Home Grown, cause it represents me. I'm home grown.

Beef Stew: What can we expect from Jay Rock the rest of 2009 and beyond?

Jay Rock: Y'all can expect to see me everywhere. I got mixtapes coming with dj drama
soon, I got a monster single that's finna drop mid summer that's gonna kill
the radio. You might even see the album drop this year if everything go as


Beef Stew: What does music really mean to you at the end of the day?

Jay Rock: Music is life. Bottom line.

Happy Birthday Tampon!

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