Magic in Vegas! Online CONTEST!

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Shawn Chrystopher
"Magic in Vegas Online Sweepstakes"

*To show his appreciation to those who downloaded his debut album "A City
With No Seasons", Shawn Chrystopher would like to fly a fan, and a guest of
his/her choice, to hang out with him in Las Vegas, Nevada as he
attends the MAGIC
Fashion Tradeshow!

To enter, visit*


*1* Grand Prize winner will win an all-expense trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to
attend the MAGIC Fashion convention with Shawn Chrystopher and IM King
Clothing (August 30th 2009 – September 1st 2009).

*3* runners up will receive a limited edition IM King x Shawn Chrystopher
t-shirt and an autographed copy of Shawn Chrystopher’s debut album “A City
With No Seasons [Deluxe Edition]” *

The Winner will be announced August 27th 2009

“Thank You” by Shawn Chrystopher

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Tree and Name
First and foremost I want to thank every single person who has ever
downloaded/streamed a song or video of mine throught my career. If it was not for
you guys, I'd be nothing but a kid making music in his room for fun.

My debut album "A City With No Seasons" is not truly a culmination of everything
because I have so much more in store throghout my lifetime, but it is a definite
point in my life that I will never forget. For nine months me and my production
partner Zaire worked every single day on a music project that would not only shock
the world, but raise the bar for what a "rap" album should sound like.

I've spent my life thinking outside the box, catching slack for being/thinking
different, but during the making of this album I became fearless. I no longer cared
what other people thought; I am Shawn-nothing more, nothing less.

I spent months perfecting every single second, every single word of each song on my
album. Rappers tend to want punchlines and metaphors only in certain bars of their
verses, while I wanted to push myself and turn entire songs into metaphors

I would spend 8-9 hours in the studio, watching movies on mute, doing my best to
score scenes; flipping through art books of Basquiat and doing my best to convey the
emotion I felt through my words and instrumentation.

This album is a symbol that there is nothing we can't do. There are no boundaries,
no limitations that we can't surpass.  Art and intellect will always prevail, so
never be afraid to be yourself. That's what I'm all about, that's what IM-King is
about, and hopefully this album inspires you to do the same.

Thank you all

Shawn Chrystopher

Here are the episodes we filmed on Shawn coming up to today.

It's your time to SHINE Shawn..

Shawn Chrystopher “And I Present” Video

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*Video link fixed opps! Sorry guys* watch the video!

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