Donny Goines comes to CALIFORNIA!

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This is Donny’s first trip out to L.A. and we wanted to make sure we showed him a great time. Shawn Chrystopher came out and we also saw Y-O of U-N-I cruise through. The video is below so let’s get this party started right!

I will always support these two guys. I’m glad we got to link Donny and Shawn up. You will see lots of footage from Shawn coming before his album drops this August. If you think you know his music, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

R.I.P to the King Of Pop

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Thanks for all the great memories..


Shawn Chrystopher’s Debut Single “Untitled”

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What up everyone! Shawn Chrys is back, and I’m taking over

I’m here to bring you my official first single “Untitled” off my debut album
“A City With No Seasons” (which drops August 11th, 2009!).

The song is produced by me (of course) and is actually one of my favorite
songs I’ve done thus far. The reason why the song is untitled is because
it’s a love story, and I felt if I gave the song any kind of “love” title it
would already be looked at as ‘cheesy’ and ‘predictable’ before anyone got
a chance to listen to it. So this way, people get to judge the song solely
based on its production and lyrics (as they should anyway). Sort of like
reading a book with no cover or synopsis on the back, just you and the art.

The chorus of the song comes from a poem a wrote back in my freshman year at
USC. I was working on the beat, had it playing in the background, and I was
going through old boxes of mine and I stumbled on my old composition book. I
was reading my old lyrics and this one in particular just fit perfectly!

So I hope you guys in enjoy! And remember, my debut album “A City Wih No
Seasons” drops August 11th!


Shawn Chrystopher

downloadunClick here : Shawn Chrystopher – Untitled

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